Roberta Calandra: Inspiration and Influences

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Roberta Calandra


Roberta Calandra is a writer, author and playwright with an extensive body of work including: novels, stories, fairy tales, plays for theatre, film, TV and radio.

In 1995, she won the Quality Award of the Ministry of Culture with the script, Non con un bang (Not with a bang), which was presented at the Venice and Soho, New York, Film Festivals. In 2014, Calandra’s play Otto, about the Romantic poets Keats and Shelley, was performed in the round at the Tanners Theatre in Rome and her monologue, Anna Freud, un desiderio insaziabile di vacanze (Anna Freud, an insatiable desire for holidays) at the Pathological Theatre.

Calandra has also been a Carver Award finalist with L’eridita do Anna Freud (The Heritage of Anna Freud) and published,  Ryunio la bambino drago (Ryunio the baby dragon) a Buddhist novel for teenagers.