Richard Dalla Rosa: Inspiration and Influences

On writing: The Lesbians

Richard Dalla Rosa describes his approach to writing the play.

“I did some research on Charles Baudelaire during the period from 1843 to 1845, the time he spent living at the Pimodan Hotel in Paris. I transformed myself into an investigator, and I discovered what an incredible place this famous hotel was, a place of inspiration for the poet, without any doubt.”

What was it that inspired him about the poet?

“His youth, and the fact that he started to write his first poems when he was living at the hotel. He wanted to entitle his first poetry collection “The Lesbians” and that’s what led me to the idea of the two characters that I was tasked with writing about, the two chambermaids.”

How was he inspired by the poet’s house?

“‘Luxe, calme et volupté’ (‘Luxury, calm and pleasure’) are the three words which the residence of the poet evokes for me : living in this hotel would be just like living in one of his poems, ‘Invitation au voyage’ (‘Invitation to a Journey’)…


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