Luis Muñoz


Luis Muñoz was born in Granada, Spain, in 1966. He has a degree in Spanish Philology and also in Romantic Philology. In a career spanning two decades, he has established himself as “one of the most brilliant poets of his generation,” (El Pais) who has been hailed for the clarity, originality and imagistic richness of his poems. His work, which includes: six published poetry collections: Septiembre (1991), Manzanas amarillas (1995), El apetito (1998), Correspondencias (2001),  Querido silencio (2006) and Limpiar pescado. Poesia reunida (2016), has received numerous awards including the Generation 27 award for Correspondencias, and the Ojo Critico award.  Muñoz has been an advisor to the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid for ten years and is currently a professor, teaching on the MFA in Spanish Creative Writing Programme in Spanish at the University of Iowa. He divides his time between Iowa and Madrid.



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