Maria Manolescu Borsa


Maria Manolescu, playwright and fiction writer was born in Brasov, Romania, 14th October 1980. She has a Masters in Playwriting from U.N.A.T.C. (National University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest, Romania) and works in advertising. She is the mother of a gorgeous 2 year old boy.

Maria’s publishing debut was: The Weightlifter from Vitan a novel published by Polirom in 2006. Her second novel was published in 2010 – Like Drops of Blood on the Elevator Floor, by Curtea Veche.
She has won the dramAcum prize (the Romanian award for best new playwright) in 2007 with the plays With a little help from my friends (directed by Radu Apostol at the National Theatre of Iasi, Romania, 2007) and Sado-Maso Blues Bar (directed by Gianina Carbunariu at The Very Small Theatre, Bucharest, 2007).
In 2007, Maria attended the International Residency for Emerging Playwrights at the Royal Court Theatre, where she developed the play I’m Not Jesus Christ. (produced by Papercut Theatre, directed by Melissa Dunne, Theatre N16, London, 2016). Other plays include: Re:Re:Re:Hamlet (inspired by two Romanian blogs, a participating production at the Blog the Theatre Festival in Graz, Austria, 2008) and Love Thyself, a play about the homeless people of Bucharest (The Very Small Theatre, Bucharest, 2010). She took part of the site specific project Green Hours! created by Andreea Valean and Peca Stefan (2013).
Maria’s latest play, Slaves, talks about modern slavery and the (often hypocritical) role of the artist in dealing with hot social issues.
Some of her plays have been translated and presented in public readings in Turkish, Serbian, English and French.









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