Croquis Nocturne by Adam Gordon

8 Royal College Street, Camden – the scene of an iconic transgressive love affair between the French poets Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud and the inspiration behind a new mini-play by Adam Gordon: ‘Croquis Nocturne’.

We asked Adam to tell us a little bit about the characters in his play, Arthur, Paul and ‘Caroline’.

Arthur. Paul. Caroline.

”Paul Verlaine is a poet. He is brilliant and insecure; he needs constant proof of love from Arthur, but is ashamed of his need. He spends the play seeking Arthur’s affection, and mostly not getting it.

Arthur Rimbaud is a precocious genius. He needs to be adored by Verlaine, partly because he knows the relationship will end in disaster, and sees this as a necessary thing. There is something of the cat in him. He is capable of both total focus, and easily distracted; is both playful and sexual. He manipulates the other characters, to both their detriment and benefit.

Caroline is a young woman who seeks to improve her station in life by taking French lessons with Paul Verlaine. She is forced to play Arthur’s game, then gets caught up in it, before coming back to earth with a crash. The experience leaves her shaken. Caroline is strong, sharp and very brittle, like a blade.”

Come along on September 19th to see GoodDog Theatre Co. performers, Simon Gleave, Julien Nguyen Dinh, and Nouch Papazian bring the humour and horror of Adam’s characters to life in a brand new adaptation.


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