Inconclusos (‘Unfinished’) by Luis Muñoz

Madrid, the Residencia de Estudiantes, c.1925 – the scene of famous friendships between Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel and the poet and playwright Federíco García Lorca. The inspiration behind a new mini-play written by Luis Muñoz and translated by Isabel Lorca.

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Luis’ play dazzles with theatrical magic, exploring Lorca’s search for another kind of society and another kind of art. It’s a performance challenge that the creative team from GoodDog Theatre Company are very excited to rise up to!

We were particularly intrigued by Luis’ stage directions; and by his use of poetry in the script – much of which has never been translated before.

  ”Lorca makes a strange gesture and removes his top hat. He delves into the hat and pulls out three doves, which fly around the wings of the theatre. He puts the hat back on”

¿Qué pasará?

¿Qué pasará?

¿Qué no pasará?

Perejil colorado

y candil soñoliento.

¿Qué pasará?

¿Qué no pasará?

El ermitaño se duerme.

Se duerme

la princesa, se duerme,

¡el mismo cuento!

¿Qué pasará?

¿Qué no pasará?

(Federico García Lorca bows)


(He lifts his head)


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