An original production featuring new writing by seven of Europe’s most exciting contemporary playwrights, celebrating the houses once occupied by famous poets, and exploring the stories that were lived within their walls.

Enjoy an evening in the company of the charming and exuberant Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, the angry and disruptive French poet Arthur Rimbaud, the politically controversial Lithuanian poet Salomeja Neris, and the fatally ill English poet John Keats, in a show that will explore the fascinating and disturbing world of these creative artists and the houses they inhabited.

Featuring a cast of outstanding young actors from GoodDog theatre company, performing in the round, this performance will bring the stories of our literary European neighbours to life in surprising and original ways. The performance is an adaptation of 7 brand new translated scripts, researched and put together by an excellent team of international collaborators.

From Iceland to Rome, Paris to the Baltic, London to Bucharest, there is always another poetry house to tell its story!

‘[GoodDog theatre company] is an international ensemble working with a single heart and mind… devoted to making fresh work and finding new forms. [This] deeply artistic and gifted collective live work and play together with joy, spontaneity and professionalism’
Ryan Kiggell, theatre director

Curated by the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation